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Cell Analysis

Applications for Cell Analysis

Cell-based assays are now the gold standard used by researchers for information-rich analysis of in vitro cell models, specifically when evaluating complex diseases. These assays are crucial to drive our understanding of cell biology, specifically complex disease models, with the goal of discovering novel treatments.

The Incucyte® Live-Cell Analysis System and iQue® Advanced Flow Cytometry  Platform are addressing these challenges by providing new insight in the rapidly-advancing fields of oncology, immuno-oncology, antibody discovery, neuroscience and stem cell research at a speed, depth and scale not achievable with conventional cell analysis techniques.

Fast-track your scientific discovery by combining lab-tested protocols and reagents with powerful, information-rich analysis. 

Live Cell Assays

Enables real-time imaging and analysis of cell health, movement, morphology and function suitable for a range of cell types directly from the incubator over days, weeks or months.

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Flow Cytometry

A faster, smarter flow cytometry platform enables multiplexing cell phenotypthate and function to get you from samples to actionable results faster.

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