Sterisart® sterility testing redefines standards.

Small innovations with great effects

To enable you to minimize all remaining risks in routine testing while optimizing your workflows for maximum efficiency, we have implemented many innovative features in our Sterisart® sterility test units – discover how you'll benefit:

Free Validation Service

Save time and money in new or revalidation of your products with our Sterisart® units – we'll take the workload off your hands:

Option a)

We will perform validation of your products directly through Sartorius.

Option b)

You can validate your products on your own, and we'll match your expenses by supplying you with the equivalent in free products.

We will perform the following services for you:

1. Filtration tests:

Just provide us with your standard operating procedure (SOP) for us to carry out your specific filtration test or ask us to develop filtration tests according to international pharmacopoeias. After completing these tests, we will send you a test report and an SOP.

2. Validation:

Following the filtration tests, we will inoculate and incubate your samples with the six different microorganisms prescribed by the international pharmacopoeias. After completing validation, we will provide you with a test report and an SOP.

For either option, we will need a sufficient quantity of your product, as well as culture media and rinse liquids, if these differ from the standards.

We will assume the cost of validation if Sartorius is used as the first supplier of Sterisart® units employed in testing your products. The number of validation procedures Sartorius will pay in this case is initially limited to three (3) of your products. If you would like to have additional products validated, we will be glad to perform validation based on a separate agreement.

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You will validate your products for final sterility testing using Sartorius Sterisart® units as a preferred, primary or secondary supplier. We will provide you with Sterisart® units free of charge for your particular product validation and will be happy to support you with advice and action.

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Make an appointment today for an on-site demonstration of Sterisart®.

We would be happy to demonstrate the advantages of our Sterisart® sterility testing products in person. Just contact your regional Sartorius sales specialist.

Discover the further benefits of using Sterisart®:

Customized configuration

Get exactly what you need in your sterility test units – you name it, we'll configure it for you:

  • Choose your favorite just right for your requirements from over 20 standard units.
  • Any special requests? Let's customize your individual test units together.

Flexibility without compromises

Be independent in the choice of your sterility testing equipment – we offer all the adapters to fit your needs:

  • Sterisart® units are compatible with any peristaltic pump on the market for sterility testing.
  • Our Universal brand peristaltic pump is compatible with all commercially available sterility test units.

More about Sterisart® Pump

Regulatory Compliance

The Sterisart® consumables have been especially designed to perform sterility tests, and all materials comply with international regulations.


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