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Sartorius Claristep® Syringeless Filtration System

Preparing samples by clarification is an essential first step for nearly all analytical techniques. Sample preparation by clarification is particularly important for techniques such as high-pressure liquid chromatography (HPLC). HPLC, however, presents some challenges today: It requires precision particle removal (from small volumes) that need to come through filters that do not add extractables or leachables to the mix that can complicate analysis. The process has to be fast and very easy. HPLC is hard enough - preparing samples for it should not be!

Fortunately, Sartorius’ legendary innovation has led to the development of a new, easy-to-use and straightforward filtration expressly tailored for modern HPLC needs. The manually operated Claristep® Syringeless Filtration System, consisting of a station and filter units, provides a smart and simple fix for the demanding HPLC process.

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Syringeless and Fast — Watch the Claristep® System in Action

How it Works: Claristep® Syringeless Filtration

The Sartorius Claristep® Syringeless Filtration System can run up to eight samples in parallel and outperform syringe filters. This video demonstrates the preparation of samples from start to finish. 

Side-by-Side: Conventional vs. Claristep

The Sartorius Claristep® Syringeless Filtration System makes light work of a tedious sample preparation task. This video provides a side-by-side comparison of a conventional procedure vs. the Claristep® system.


Claristep® Syringeless Filtration Products

Claristep® Syringeless Filtration Station

The Claristep® Station consists of a base, lid and exchangeable tray for easy and accurate positioning of sample vials and Claristep® Filter units. The patent-pending design features unique grooves in the station lid and matching guide ridges on Claristep® Filter units to enable intuitively correct alignment and convenient handling.

  • Process up to eight samples simultaneously
  • No syringe required 
  • No need for a vacuum source or power supply 
  • For low sample volumes ranging from 60 μL to 600 μL 

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Claristep® Syringeless Filter Units

Major benefits of Claristep® Filter units include extremely short contact times between samples and corresponding filters and caps. This ensures optimal, contamination-free results. Filtered liquids are collected in your choice of 12 × 32 mm outer diameter vials, based on the analytical method to be performed.

  • Extremely short contact times ensures an optimal, contamination-free result
  • Collect liquid in your choice of 12 × 32 mm outer diameter vials

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Sartorius Syringeless Filtration Features

A scientist sits at a lab bench pipetting samples into the Claristep® station
Up to eight samples can be processed simultaneously

Simply place the filters on your vials, gently close the station and press on the station lid to filter

No syringe required

A syringeless solution will minimize hand stress and help reduce time, effort and.

No need for a vacuum source or power supply

The manually operated Claristep® Filtration System (consisting of a station and filter units) offers a novel way for clarifying samples prior to analysis.

For low sample volumes ranging from 60 μL to 600 μL

This system offers fast clarification of small volumes without the addition leachables or extractables to the original sample, making it indispensable for achieving the best analytical results.

Frequently Asked Questions

Syringeless Filter Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. We recommend processing Claristep® Filter units with the Claristep® Station. Claristep® Station is comprised of a station and one exchangeable Claristep® Tray. The Claristep® Tray can be purchased separately to order the number of trays needed for sample clarification.

Yes. In addition to Claristep® Filter units and Claristep® Station, you will need 12 + 32 mm sample vials and caps. Sartorius does not sell 12 + 32 mm vials, which are available in many configurations (clear glass, brown glass, PP, other plastics, with/without insert, crimp-top, screw-cap, snap-cap, etc.). They are offered by many companies and distributors.

Yes. In principle it is possible to manually use one Claristep® Filter unit for clarification of one sample. However, consider that clarification has been optimized for use with Claristep® Station. Without this station and tray, Sartorius cannot guarantee optimal clarification results. The tray is optimized for holding 12 + 32 mm vials. More important, the Claristep® Filter units positioned on top of the vials are not in direct contact with these vials. As a result, if glass vials are used, they are not exposed directly to the pressure applied by the station lid to close Claristep® Filter units. Therefore, this minimizes the risk of glass breakage.

Currently no. Claristep® Filter units will be launched with a choice of 0.2 μm and 0.45 μm pore size regenerated cellulose (RC) membranes. RC is suitable for nearly any preparation steps requiring filtration of aqueous and solvent samples. The only limitations are pH values of less than 3. Only strong acids cannot be processed using RC membranes

The effective filtration area is 0.74 cm2. We have optimized the ratio of filtration area to sample volume and therefore offer high filtration capacity, while minimizing the hold-up volume.

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