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Incucyte® SX1 Live-Cell Analysis Instrument - You've always been curious

SX1 Live Cell Analysis Instrument

Feel Empowered with Incucyte SX1

Automation at every step fast-tracks your research, and fits in your budget.

Unparalleled Access to Live-Cell Insights

Today’s new normal requires doing more with less. You need physiologically relevant, information-rich cell analysis that is streamlined and economical. Monitor your cells 24 hours a day with the new Incucyte® SX1.

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Key Features

With Incucyte’s powerful, automated workflow, research continues day and night.

Simple, Flexible Sample Prep

  • Compatible with a wide range of applications and culture vessels
  • Maximize efficiency while reducing artifacts with Incucyte® Reagents

Set Up & Walk Away

  • Streamlined experimental set up
  • Remote, networked access

Acquire and View Images Over Time

  • Fluorescence and HD phase imaging modes
  • Minimize cell disturbance with a mobile optical train

Analyze in Real-Time

  • Efficient and reproducible image analysis
  • Powerful visualization of images and kinetic measurements

Cell Analysis Workflow

Insight and Accuracy at Every Step

Whether you simply want to improve experimental outcomes with enhanced cell culture quality control, or study complex cell-cell interactions, the Incucyte® can meet your needs. Seamlessly transition from one step in your workflow to the next with interchangeable trays to support tissue culture flasks, dishes, or multi-well plates.

Incucyte® SX1 Applications

Push the Boundaries of R&D

Incucyte’s suite of applications can help accelerate your next discovery. Generate new insights quickly with a system designed for a range of cell types- from proliferating tumor cells to non-adherent immune cells to sensitive primary cells.

Incucyte’s design features a mobile optical train with uninterrupted incubation. Perform real-time cell monitoring and surveillance of cell health and viability, migration and invasion, plus a wide range of phenotypic cell-based assays. With a rapidly growing collection of over 3,300 peer reviewed articles, new applications using the Incucyte are being published continuously.

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Research Areas

Incucyte® accelerates discoveries in a range of research areas, including oncology, immuno-oncology.

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Incucyte® unlocks new insights with a wide range of applications examining cell health, cell function, and much more.

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Live Cell Insights Publications Newsletter

Keep up with the latest Incucyte® research by reading our summaries of new and notable research articles featuring the Incucyte®.

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Ordering Information



Cat. No

Live-Cell Analysis System

Incucyte® SX1 Live-Cell Analysis System

Includes image acquisition and analysis system that holds a single, interchangeable tray plus:

  • Controller with 27.3 TB storage
  • Standard acquisition and basic analyzer software (additional modules are required for certain applications)
  • One year manufacturer's software and service warranty
  • Onsite installation and training


Incucyte® SX1 1 Year Extended Warranty

Extended software and service warranty for 12 months at time of purchase



Incucyte 4X Objective 

Minimum of one (1) objective must be selected at time of purchase.


Incucyte 10X Objective 


Incucyte 20X Objective 


Software Modules

Incucyte® Cell-by-Cell Analysis 

Enables label-free cell count and subsequent cell-by-cell classification based on shape, size or fluorescence intensity within heterogeneous live-cell cultures.


Incucyte® Spheroid Analysis 

Enables microplate analysis of both single and multi-spheroid for growth, shrinkage and cell health.


Incucyte® Scratch Wound Analysis 

Enables microplate analysis of scratch wound migration and invasion assays.


Incucyte® Chemotaxis Analysis 

Enables microplate analysis of label-free and fluorescently labeled chemotactic cell migration.


Incucyte® Angiogenesis Analysis 

Enables fluorescent microplate analysis of vascular tube dynamics.


Incucyte® NeuroTrack Analysis Software Module

Enables microplate analysis of neurite dynamics with or without labels.



Trays are available to support over 700 different culture vessels, including cell culture flasks, multi-well plates, dishes, and chamber slides from major manufacturers.


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Incucyte - Empower Live-Cell Analysis Inside Your Incubator

Incucyte® - Empower Live-Cell Analysis Inside Your Incubator

Analyze your cells for days, weeks or even months as they sit stationary in the stable environment of your tissue culture incubator.

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