Enhance Your Offering With Multivariate Data Analysis

From chemical manufacturing to medical diagnostics to market analysis, multivariate data analysis (MVDA) transforms large volumes of data into valuable insights that improve quality, productivity and understanding. Now you can empower your customers and increase the value of your software, instrumentation, or service with advanced data analytics. Fast and fully customizable, SIMCA®-Q is the gold standard multivariate engine that integrates seamlessly into your preferred software.  

MVDA is one of the most powerful approaches available for data mining, prediction and forecasting. MVDA tools are able to examine many variables at once to uncover patterns and correlations that conventional univariate approaches can’t detect. An MVDA engine like SIMCA®-Q gives you the power of many different tools like PCA, PLS/OPLS, , and supervised classification OPLS_DA to tackle diverse problems.  

Embed Insight Into Your OEM Solutions

Ideal for OEM Integration

Whatever your OEM analytics challenge, SIMCA®-Q provides the computational power, functionality, speed, and compatibility you need. Embed SIMCA®-Q into your own-brand software, a white-label app or a web page—or provide access through platforms like LabVIEW, MATLAB and Spotfire. Integration is straightforward, with COM and C interfaces to support a wide range of programming languages any you can execute any SIMCA® model and functionality. 

Automate – Customize - Embed

SIMCA®-Q automates and speeds up multivariate data analysis, making complex computational tasks routine, while reducing the risk of human error. With SIMCA®-Q you can customize your solution to do exactly what’s needed, calling up prediction models, data overviews, classification routines and batch analyses—all within a work environment familiar to end-users.  

Enable Diverse Applications

MVDA brings value across a wide range of applications and industries.  Common uses include: 

  • Process development and optimization 
  • Real-time process intelligence and supervision  
  • Raw materials analysis and quality control 
  • Chemometrics / multivariate calibration  
  • Spectroscopy  
  • Multi Omics and other “Big Data” applications 

More Power. Less Complexity. Experience the SIMCA® Difference. 

SIMCA® combines its powerful multivariate engine with interactive visualizations, an intuitive interface, and the ability to automate workflows—for truly user-friendly software that eases your analytical workload from start to finish: 

  • Import data from multiple file formats 

  • Review, plot and explore data interactively to identify important correlations 

  • Click individual data points to reveal underlying contributions 

  • Examine relationships between variables

  • Quickly identify the most important factors and interactions 

  • Implement Python scripts to automate your workflows

  • Investigate and diagnose the root causes of problems 

  • Predict yield, quality and future behavior 

  • Communicate results effectively using the automated report generator 

  • Seamlessly integrate your optimized models into SIMCA®-online 


SIMCA-Q 17.0.1 64-bit

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SIMCA-Q 17.0.1 Read Me

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SIMCA-Q 17.0.1 Manual Product Activation

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SIMCA-Q 17.0.1 User Guide

PDF | 339.4 KB

SIMCA-Q 17.0.1 Installation Instructions

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SIMCA-Q 17.0.1 Interface Description

PDF | 172.9 KB

SIMCA-Q 17.0.1 Quick Tutorial

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SIMCA-Q 17.0.1 Help Files

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SIMCA-Q 17.0.1 C Prediction Sample

ZIP | 27.8 KB

SIMCA-Q 17.0.1 C# Prediction Sample

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SIMCA-Q 17.0.1 C++ Prediction Sample

ZIP | 18.7 KB

SIMCA-Q 17.0.1 COM Batch Prediction Sample

ZIP | 122.8 KB

SIMCA-Q 17.0.1 COM Modeling Sample

ZIP | 179.6 KB

SIMCA-Q 17.0.1 COM Prediction Sample

ZIP | 118.9 KB

SIMCA-Q 17.0.1 Python Prediction Sample

ZIP | 1.4 KB

SIMCA-Q 17.0.1 C File Reader Sample

ZIP | 16.6 KB

SIMCA-Q 17.0.1 C Batch Prediction Sample

ZIP | 26.1 KB

SIMCA®-Q 16 Help files

ZIP | 3.3 MB

Quick Tutorial SIMCA®-Q16

PDF | 149.0 KB

CSharp Prediction sample 16

ZIP | 53.3 KB

COM Modeling sample 16

ZIP | 129.4 KB

COM Batch prediction sample 16

ZIP | 74.1 KB

COM Prediction sample 16

ZIP | 66.8 KB

C Prediction sample 16

ZIP | 30.7 KB

C plus plus Prediction sample 16

ZIP | 19.4 KB

C Modeling sample 16

ZIP | 92.8 KB

C File reader sample 16

ZIP | 25.2 KB

C Batch prediction sample 16

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