Picus® Nxt Electronic Pipette

Picus® Nxt takes on where Picus® left with added features like user customizable protocols, password protection, and calibration reminders. Especially when conformity to the strictest regulations is needed by selecting the advanced Picus® Nxt you can take your compliance to a new level with added certification and safety features.​

​Single-channel models cover a volume range of  0.2 µL – 10,000 µL, and multichannel models a range of 0.2 µL – 1,200 µL​.

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Picus® Nxt Features

Enjoy Pipetting​

The uniquely lightweight and streamlined design of the Picus® Nxt pipette ensures an effortless pipetting experience. The pipette rests lightly in the user’s hand due to the comfortable handle and finger hook, and minimal gripping force is needed. The conveniently located soft-touch operating buttons, and unique electronic tip ejection, help minimize muscle strain, further enhancing the ergonomics of the pipette.​

Reliable Results

Accurate and precise pipetting results, independent of the user, are guaranteed by the electronic brake and piston control system. Using the unique plate tracker increases reliability in microwell plate dispensing, by guiding the user to pipet into the correct microplate wells.​ Calibration adjustment feature gives the user the option to adjust the calibration according to conditions and liquids that are to be pipetted.

Fast Execution of Pipetting Tasks

Set the volume settings and navigate through the menus in record time with the unique adjustment wheel of Picus®. The user can perform pipetting tasks quickly and easily with the extensive range of pipetting modes, from diluting and titrating to serial dispensing. The pipetting functions are quick to learn, using the intuitive user interface, available in a choice of language options: English, French, German, Russian and Chinese.​

Pipetting Protocols

Many workflows require the use of multiple different pipetting modes for optimal results. Reduce errors, speed up your work and focus on your what is important by using Picus® Nxt pipette’s pre-saved protocols. Simplify your workflow and eliminate the need to change modes by creating custom pipetting protocols with up to 10 steps each. Changing modes and volume settings back and forth in the midst of the workflow is no longer necessary.

Service and Calibration Reminders​

Your pipettes as precision measuring instruments must be serviced and calibrated regularly, according to GLP guidelines and ISO standards. The Picus® Nxt can be programmed with service and calibration reminders for example every 6 months and or based on frequency of use. An overdue calibration won’t go unnoticed anymore.

Two-level Password Protection

Separate administrator and user profiles in Picus® Nxt prevent unauthorized modifications to pipette settings and can be used to restrict access to specific individuals or groups. This feature ensures that your work is done exactly as the method, regulations or laboratory guideline dictates. Passwords are an optional feature and can be set as inactive when extra protection is not necessary.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Create a pipetting program as you would normally. After program is ready, click the hotkey and select memory slot to save to with adjustment wheel. Click softkey for Save and enter a name for the program.

Click hotkey and select the program with adjustment wheel. Slick softkey for Ok to load saved program.

All the advanced functions can be activated per mode. First select pipetting mode you want to use, and then use the softkey for ADV to select advanced mode to use in conjuction.

This might happen if after dispensing the tip is close to liquid. When dispensing, press and hold the operating button as long as the tip is inside vessel. Only release the operating button once the tip is far enough from liquid.

In many cases the battery will last full working day without charging. By using charging stands the battery will charge anytime the pipette is placed on a stand, virtually eliminating the possibility to run out of battery.

Picus® Nxt pipettes have three options for charging, USB AC adapter with cable, Charging stand for 1 pipette, or charging carousel for 4 pipettes. Stands are the most convenient way to charge the battery. USB cable can be used for charging while pipetting. Stands and USB adapter are available separately.

Pipetting program is maximum single pipetting mode and advanced function combination, e.g. Pipetting + mixing. Pipetting protocol can consist of multiple pipetting modes and advanced functions, e.g. Pipetting, multi-dispensing, and again pipetting with mixing. A protocol makes repetitive work faster, as you don't need to manually change the pipette settings between steps, and it also ensures that everyone performs it the same way.

User sets last calibration or maintenance date in settings, along with desired time or cycle interval. The pipette will alert the user 2 weeks before maintenance or calibration is due, and again at the due date.

Picus® Nxt has 2 passwords, one for admin and one for user. With admin password you can protect settings and saved programs and protocols. User can still use all the features and saved programs and protocols, but not change them. User password is used to restrict who can use the pipette.

Accredited calibration certificates are produced in calibration laboratory with ISO 17025 accreditation. 

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