Proline® Plus Mechanical Pipette

Proline® Plus mechanical pipettes offer comfort and quality for your everyday manual pipetting. It combines durable construction with ease and lightness of use. Easy volume adjustment with click stop system and big, forward facing, volume display help the user always to choose correct volume.​

Single-channel models cover a volume range of  0.1 µL – 10,000 µL, single-channel fixed models are available from 5 µL up to 10,000 µL, and multichannel pipette range is from 0.5 µL to 300 µL​.

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Proline® Plus Features

Enjoy Pipetting

Proline® Plus has low pipetting forces, a comfortable handle and an ergonomic finger support for effortless​ pipetting. Good fit in hand minimizes the grip force needed to hold the pipette, thereby reducing the risk of​ strain injury.

Protect your Pipette with​ Safe-Cone Filters

The replaceable Safe-Cone Filter located inside the tip-cone help to prevent aerosols and fluids from penetrating the pipette, also in case of over-aspiration. Safe-Cone​ Filters are available for all Proline® Plus models greater than 10 μL. Remember to replace them regularly, and always in case liquid contacts the filter.

Even Tip Loading on Multi-channel Pipettes​ with Minimum Force

Loading and ejecting tips with multi-channel pipettes requires relatively high forces. Proline® Plus multi-channel pipettes have spring loaded tip cones – the Optiload® mechanism. Optiload® allows tips to be loaded and ejected with minimum force, which reduces the risk of hand injuries. Moreover, it secures even tip sealing onto every individual tip cone.

Easy Maintenance and Adjustment​

No opening tools are needed for​ cleaning and maintaining Proline® Plus​ pipettes, and only three parts need to​ be cleaned. These pipettes are also​ easy to adjust using the adjustment​ tool that is provided with the pipette.

Frequently Asked Questions

First check that you have adjustable volume model. Adjustable volume models can be identified by volume range marking on the pipette, e.g. 100 - 1000 µl. Volume can be adjusted by simply turning the operating button, you should hear clicks as the volume changes. Do not rotate the volume outside the specified volume range.

For best results you should choose the pipette that has its nominal (maximum) volume closest to the volume you want to dispense. A 100 µl pipette is more accurate than a 1000 µl pipette at dispensing 100 µl volume. You can refer to the manufacturer specifications on maximum error percentages in when pipetting different volumes.

Sartorius mechanical pipettes Tacta®, Proline® Plus, and mLINE® are fully autoclavable. Also Sartorius electronic pipettes Picus® and Picus® Nxt lower parts are autoclavable (excl. 1200 µl models). Please see user manual for instructions, and remember to remove safe-cone filter prior autoclaving.

Safe-cone filters are used multiple times and the risk of contamination is higher than with filter tips that are discarded after a single use. The safe-cone filters do not provide sample-to-sample contamination protection.

You can rotate the tip ejection collar counter-clockwise to make it longer, and clockwise to make it shorter. This feature might be necessary when using extended tips.

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