Resolute® Flowdrive SU - Single-Use Batch Chromatography System

Resolute® Flowdrive SU Single-use chromatography systems in combination with resolute columns and membrane adsorbers provide unparalleled flexibility for multi-product manufacturing at pilot|clinical scale.

In addition, our chromatography portfolio includes mixed-mode resins and membrane adsorbers that enable stepwise intensification to meet industry needs for higher process efficiency. Sartorius enables you to conveniently scale from process development scale to clinical processing with industry-accepted single-use chromatography technologies (both hardware and consumables).

Our global Integrated Solutions team (INSO) will review your specific process needs before proposing a solution that exactly meets all the process requirements. This solution could include our standard platform design for the Sartorius single-use chromatography system, along with standard totes and mixers or it might lead to the creation of a custom design.

Single-Use Batch Chromatography System

For customers who are performing clinical or commercial manufacture, the Resolute®️ Flowdrive SU system delivers precision isocratic and gradient chromatography in a user optimized architecture that equals the performance and functionality of equivalent stainless steel systems.

  • Available in Isocratic (1-pump) and gradient (2-pump) variants, covering wide flow range for 200-2000L batches
  • Typically sufficient for columns from 10 to 60 cm diameter and membranes from 0.075 to 3 L
  • Unique pinch block valve highly reduces the flow kit change-over time (typically 10-30 min)
  • Integrated in-line buffer dilution reduces the need to make and transport buffers
  • Pressure rating up to 4 barg
  • Intuitive Process Step Editor control software, same platform for single-use TFF
  • "cGMP" compliant design and documentation

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The Resolute®️ Flowdrive SU system supports two sizes of flow kits for flexible use in cGMP clinical and commercial operations. Instrumentation is sourced from established and respected biotech suppliers with enhanced Sartorius BioPAT® flow meter technology. The flow kit volume and flow rate are optimized to deliver high-resolution separations, making the Resolute®️ Flowdrive SU suitable for processing columns, membranes, and monoliths. The flow kits come in both isocratic and gradient versions.


3/8 inch Flow Kits

1/2 inch Flow Kits

Volumetric flow

18 to 600 L/h

36 to 900 L/h

Column diameter

10 to 60 cm

Tubing internal diameter (ID)

3/8 in.


Pressure rating

0 - 4 bar

Single-use diaphragm pumps

1-2 (dependent on configuration)


6 (per pump)



Pre-column sensor options

Conductivity, pH, flow meter, temperature

Post-column sensor options

Conductivity, pH, UV, temperature

Pressure sensors


Sartorius has a dedicated network of chromatography experts, who are highly experienced on chromatography process.

Through our Field Applications network, we have the ability to

  • Wet demonstrate systems
  • Perform customer specific packing trials to define the critical process parameters
  • Provide Customer training and post-sale support for the life of the hardware

Resolute®️ Flowdrive SU Fully Automated, Single-Use Chromatography System

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