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NTEP Approved balances and scales are generally considered as those weighing devices which are intended by the manufacturer to be used in commercial applications where goods are sold by weight. NTEP Approved balances are also referred to as Legal for Trade weighing instruments which comply with Handbook 44.
When selecting NTEP Approved balances and scales, the weighing device must also be suitable to the applications. NTEP Approved balances and scales are categorized as Class I, Class II or Class III. Class I and II devices are generally used in laboratories and in higher precision weighing applications. Class III devices are commercial weighing instruments not specified in other accuracy classes and include equipment such as postal scales, animal scales, and others.

Key Features

  • Monitoring of compliance with the USP minimum sample weight limits – SQmin
  • Password protection of setup settings
  • Fully automatic temperature–and time-controlled internal calibration and adjustment isoCAL
  • Temporary blockage of data transfer to a printer or a computer when uncertain weighing results are detected, such as a result that is below the USP minimum sample weight limit, the balance is not leveled or isoCAL calibration | adjustment needs to be performed
  • Storage of all data of calibration and leveling procedures – Cal Audit Trail

isoCAL: Reliability Guaranteed

Temperature fluctuations can distort the accuracy of your weighing results. Secura® balances rule out this risk right from the start with their temperature- and time-controlled calibration and adjustment function, isoCAL. In addition, the internal Cal Audit Trail function documents each calibration and adjustment procedure, generating a 100% traceable audit trail for your quality assurance.

Continuous Real-Time Level Monitoring

The Secura® LevelControl function ensures that your balance is perfectly level. It continuously monitors the level status in real time, instantly detecting any tilt. In this case, it will respond immediately to ensure data integrity: You will be alerted, and data transfer to a printer or computer will be temporarily blocked. The balance (or the Secura® balance) will then reliably guide you in real time throughout the leveling procedure. With Secura® LevelControl, you will have total peace of mind knowing that your measurements are fully accurate.

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Reliable Weighing for Faster and Better Results

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NTEP Certificate Resources

NTEP Approval Certificate Of Conformance

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Secura Measurement Canada AM 6163 Certificate of Conformance

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