Pipette Calibration Accessories


  • Complete ease of operation: Select and calibrate pipettes quickly and easily 
  • Calibration software for single and multi-channel pipettes, dispensers, burettes, etc. 
  • Seamless integration with your Cubis MPS and Speedcal mobile system 
  • Compatible with all standard balances 
  • Up-to-date pipette database

Climate Control Tower YCM20MC

  • Monitors environmental climate conditions:
    • Temperature 
    • Humidity
    • Barometric Pressure
  • Optional DAkkS calibrated
  • Integration into Calibration Software possible

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Liquid Reservoir YCP05-LR01

  • Internal temperature control ensures error-free calibration measurements
  • Triggers red alert, if temperature is out of tolerance
  • Compatible with Speedcal and Cubis® MPS

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Suction Pump YCP05-SP01

  • For quick and easy emptying of the pipetting vessel
  • Powerful & Robust 

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Pipette Calibration Accessories for Cubis® II Analytical Balance

Pipette Calibration Kit YCP04MS

  • Pipette calibration kit consists of moisture trap and all required adapters

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QApp - Pipette Check for Cubis® II MCA (QAPP005)

  • The Sartorius QAPP runs as embedded software on the balance and does not require additional PC software
  • For maximum efficiency and safety: The user is guided step by step through the DIN ISO 8655 workflow 
  • The evaluation and documentation (e.g. as PDF document) is done by the QAPP
  • Optionally, environment conditions can be monitored with an external climate module
  • Pipettes can be managed comfortably in an inventory database on the balance

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